How to Make a Good Care Package, Part 1 - Guy

I'm doing this as a two-part segment because I want to write one about making a care package for a guy (Part One) and a care package for a girl (Part Two).

I'm basing this one off of extensive research (ha!  I haven't put this much thought into something this silly for a long time.  It was fun.) and the actual end result, which seemed to be very well received.

So, I have this friend who has had a really touch semester...well, honestly, a really tough year.  It's his senior year, and I've watched him work extremely hard, both with work, sports, and school.  I'm really proud of him, and I wanted to do something nice for him (not in a romantic gesture kind of way - don't get any ideas!).  So, to the drawing board I went.

I didn't know what to do for him that wouldn't seem awkward, and then I decided that maybe a care package would be the way to go.  I figured I could get him some stuff he might need for school, some junk food, some things he likes...  Nothing too fancy, but things he could use and enjoy.

I had this big long list of things I wanted to get for him (I won't include the original list, but I will include some of the sites and blogs I visited at the end of this post), but ultimately, I ended up making an impromptu trip to Wal-Mart with my family and forgot my list.  I realized I should probably grab most of the stuff I needed while I was there, but I couldn't remember half of what I had written down.  In a panic, I called my best friend from college and demanded/begged she help me come up with some good ideas.

This is the list of things that ultimately went into the box:

Notebook paper
Spiral notebook
Mechanical pencils
Rice Krispy Treats
Beef jerky
His favorite candy
His favorite homemade cookies
Mini Reese's cups
iTunes gift card
A gun magazine

I put the gun magazine at the bottom of the box because I knew that if I put it anywhere above the other stuff, he would see it and not take note of anything else there. lol  (I was totally right. He dug to the bottom of the box, grinning as he found each thing, then bam, there was the magazine, and nothing else mattered.)

I had plans to wrap the box and make it pretty and more presentable since it was being hand-delivered to him by me and wasn't going through the mail, but I ended up oversleeping the day I was going to give it to him.  I had waited until then to wrap it in case I found anything else to add to it, but since I didn't have time to wrap it, I just gave it to him as it was.  It didn't seem to matter.  He appeared to love everything in it (especially that magazine!) anyway.

Some of the links that I visited for this project:
Pinterest - Just search "care packages" or "finals care packages" or "care packages for guys"....Anything you want really.  I mostly tried to make mine sort of like a finals care package, as it seems like his senior year has been completely chaotic and crazy, and he's always talking about some big test or project or paper he's studying for or working on.

I Googled the same searches I used on fact, that's how I found a lot of the Pinterest boards I initially stole ideas from. - This just covered the basics, which was nice, because I already had a lot of the same stuff on my initial idea list, so I knew I was at least headed in the right direction with my whole thought process on this.

What do you think?  Have you ever sent or received a care package?  Leave your thoughts in the comments below. :)

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