Books, books, books....

So, these are a few of my favorite books...and the ones above are some that I'm reading right now.  Yeah I know, I multitask.

Musicophilia is the book that I read my junior year of high school to do my junior paper.  It delves into the world of music and how it affects the brain.  It's extremely interesting.  Music is something that everyone has in common; we all like it, even if we like different kinds.  I think it's awesome to see that it can affect everyone's brains in the same way.

My Blood Approves is the first in a series by Amanda Hocking.  She is an amazing storyteller.  A friend recommended her books to me last year and I've been hooked ever since.  The first series I read by her was her Trylle Trilogy.  She is an inspiration as an author and gave me the idea to self-publish on when I get my first book finished.

The Count of Monte Cristo is a classic, and I've been reading it little by little for past year or so.  It's a great book, but it's one that I really have to sit down for a while to be able to get into it.  Now that I'm further into it it's not as hard, but it's still one that I don't want to read a little at a time, you know?  While I'm in school, I can't sit down for long periods to read, so I've been reading it during summers.  Last summer I really put a dent in it. :)

The Hunger Games was also suggested by a friend last year.  I just bought it during Walmart's Black Friday Sale on Thursday evening.  I'm only part way through the first chapter, so I'm just getting into it.  It started out a little bit dull and confusing, but I think it was meant to seems to be getting more interesting now.  I've learned not to judge a book by its first chapter.  Sometimes you have to give it more time than that for it to really get going.

So there you go. I thought I'd suggest a few books for you.  And if you want to get them at the Kindle price but don't have a Kindle or want to buy a can still get the Kindle reading app for your computer, phone, etc.  You can just as easily read the stuff on there.


I hope you try out some of these great books and enjoy them!


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