Orion's Happy New Year!

Well, this was supposed to be posted yesterday, but I never got around to actually publishing it.  So here you go!

Orion is doing well right now.

This year, my goal is mainly just to keep him sound.  No big riding or groundwork goals.  I'm sure I will do more with him this year, but it will be different kinds of stuff.  If I ride him at all, it will only be for short little jaunts here and there.  I had ruled out riding him at all, but I've been thinking about it lately...if I do, it just won't be often and will be easy rides without a lot of hills and no faster than a walk.  But my main focus isn't on that.  It's simply going to be about messing with his diet and feet and finding alternative ways to exercise him that don't include riding or other things that might be too strenuous.  Keeping him healthy.  That's all I'm really hoping for this year.  Once we find the magic lifestyle combo that works for him, I'll know what to keep doing to keep him healthy and happy for as long as I can.  A lot of things we do already work..his feet (which need some work right now because I haven't had time to get out there and trim him lately - something that's going to change within the next week - namely the next 2 days, when I don't have to work) and his turnout regimen (I can actually say his turnout regimen now - he's in the barn part time and in the pasture part time rather than being in the pasture 24/7.  That's a big change from his past lifestyle.).  His diet isn't bad, but I'm definitely going to experiment with it to make it even better.  It will become much more hands on for me starting within the next month or less, when I'm able to be out there more.  So with that time, I can do more with his diet so that he's not getting strictly grain and hay all the time.

So that's the goal for Orion for right now.  Dude's doing well but could be doing even better, and considering that he had a DSLD flare up not too long ago - which I honestly think was caused more from the added strain of wading through muddy areas of his field because we had had a shit ton of rain for a week or two - I really want to make even more of an effort to make sure he has absolutely every tool available to keep him sound and pain free.

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