After a lot of thought about what I want my New Year's resolutions to be (yeah, I know, it's a little late in the game already, but oh well), I've decided that I don't really have any definitive resolutions.

Walk more? Yes. Probably.  It's hard for me to find the time and energy to put a real work out in.  I have the time, sometimes, but I don't have a lot of equipment.  And thanks to shin splints and soreness from a past injury that kept cropping up anytime I tried to last year, running is pretty much out.  I love it, but every time I get started back into it, I hurt myself.  I've tried all kinds of stuff, from support wraps, to working on my posture, to stretching more and in different ways, to icing after I run, and lots of other stuff.  It just keeps happening, and I've finally accepted that maybe running isn't really for me, at least not as much as I wanted it to be.

So, walking.  I've walked to and from work a lot since I moved.  It's about a mile walk, and it's uphill going to work, but it's great exercise.  The first couple times I did it, I sounded like I was having a really bad asthma attack by the time I got to my office (and I don't have asthma), but after doing it a few times, that wasn't as bad.  And walking back home is nothing because it's all downhill.  But it's still exercise, and I like it.  I can walk all over town now because of where I live, and I'd like to do more of that in the coming year.

So there's one. Walk more.

Another might be working on Orion's feet.  Myself.  If I need to, I'll call his farrier out to trim him and make sure I'm doing a good job, but one of the things I've been trying off and on to do the past couple years was teach myself to do his feet.  I started to get into that a lot more last summer after I moved him, but then I got tossed, and that's just sort of hard to do with a broken collarbone...  And now that we know about the DSLD, keeping his feet healthy and in good shape is more important than ever.

So number two. Learn more about trimming hooves and put that into practice.

Those are really all I've got for right now.  I'm still thinking on it though, so more may be added in the future.  We shall see.  I have plenty on my to-do list, but they're not really yearly resolutions; they're more short-term.

What resolutions do you guys have?  If you've blogged about it, leave the link in a comment so I can see! Maybe I'll get an idea or two from you. :)

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