Books Galore!

I've been trying to get back into reading lately.  I read a ton the first half of the year last year.  Then I got thrown, got busy with Fiverr, and realized that not only was it hard to find the time to read, it was also hard to find a comfortable position to read in thanks to my jacked up bone. -_-  Laying down while holding a book up hurt, sitting down and looking down at a book hurt, sitting down while holding a book up hurt, I. Could. Not. Win.  Actually, in all honesty, doing just about everything hurt, there for a while.

So I kind of fell out of the habit.  Then I started to get back into it and read a couple good books.

I found my new place and kept up with reading off and on for a little while....but then the last couple months, a lot of stuff has gone on that kept me from reading.  First, I was trying to unpack and plan out a way my furniture would fit in my room properly.  Then, I took on a new animal or two and started spending a lot of time with and taking care of them.  Also, I found out that I could watch Hulu and Netflix on our TV through Cody's little Neo TV thing....annnnnd the mad dash to catch up/keep up with my shows ensued.  And there are a lot of them.

So now, I'm getting back to reading and trying to balance all those things out a little more.  A healthy balance of all things needed and wanted is key, as there will be some other big priorities taking over here soon....which I don't want to get into now, but I will fill you all in on later.  (Just know this - they're exciting and will set my life in a new, better direction!)

Right now, I'm reading The Betrayal of Natalie Hargrove by Lauren Kate.  It was recommended by a friend.  I've read Lauren Kate's Fallen series, which is a must read if you haven't read it already.  I'm actually the one who got said friend reading this author, so I borrowed her book and started it today.  I'm not very far into it yet (one of the animals kept me awake most of the night, so I fell asleep 10 minutes into starting the book), but it seems interesting so far.

I'm also partway through Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks.  It was what I was reading when I fell off the reading wagon a couple months ago, so I plan to go back and finish it after the Kate book.

I have a multitude of books on my Kindle to read, first of which will probably be a couple of Nancy Drew books by Carolyn Keene that I bought the other day.  I had the entire original hardback series and a lot of the paperbacks when I was a kid.  I loved them, and I've recently gotten back into playing the computer games that they started making years ago.  Unfortunately, I gave all of my ND books and games to the little girl next door when I was clearing out my room one summer during college.  I have almost never regretted the decision to get rid of those and another series of books I gave away that summer more. =\  I only hope that they benefited someone else because I miss them.

What are you reading these days?  Let me know in the comments section below!  I like suggestions. :)

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