A Little Slice of My Life Now Has Its Very Own Store!

Hey everybody! Check this out.

My blog now has its own store...courtesy of Amazon.

You can find most of the books, movies, TV shows, horse products, etc. that I talk about on here.  There is also a tab specifically with links to the things that I have bought for/dealing with Orion - titled "Orion's stuff".

All of those books that I've bought and told you about in the past few months?  They're in the "Books" tab, along with many other books that I have read and enjoyed over the years, plus some that I would like to read in the future.

Specifically under the books tab, is a subcategory called "Horse Fiction".  Within this, there are several book series that I read growing up that led to my love of horses before I ever set foot near one.  There is one very important series missing, that I will be adding later, as it is very very long, and I didn't have time to put it together today.

There is a "Movies/TV" tab that showcases many movies and TV shows that I like, as well as another subcategory within that which is specifically for horse lovers.

If anyone has any additions that they think should be added to the store, be sure to let me know!  I'm excited to get this going.  It's not a huge money-maker for me personally, but to make it easier for other people to enjoy the books/DVDs/horse equipment that I like excites me like you would not believe!

So here you go; you can either click the page tab above, or enter the store here:

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