Rainy Ride

So night before last Liz and I went riding on Kolijah and Orion. :)  It was rainy and wet, but fun.  

Liz surprised me with an early Christmas present: a saddle rack for my bareback saddle (and any future saddles) and a bracelet made with hair from Orion's tail. :)  

It was rainy and chilly, but it was fun.  We talked about a lot of "real world" stuff.  The more time that passes, the more I have to really think and figure out for sure what I want to do with my life.  Right now it's vet school, and I'm okay with that....but I want to something that I'm excited about every day (or at least close to it).  I love working with horses, and the science behind everything is vastly interesting to me.  I love learning about things I can do to help them.  It was a lot of fun and very interesting learning a lot of the different things that I had to research when I found out the specific tendons that Orion had sprained before I got him.  I loved what I was doing when I was rehabbing him.  

I just feel like I need to experience more before I know what I really want.  The nice thing about a bachelor's in biology is that I'll be able to do a lot of stuff with it once I have it.  Narrowing it down to one thing is extremely hard though.  I would love to do something with training, but unless I was amazing at it and had tons of people bringing me their horses, there's no way I could do that for a living and still be able to pay off my college loans (my school costs around $30,000 per year).

I bought a couple of books that finally came last week have a ton of horse related careers and schools.  I'm hoping it will give me some more ideas, to at least consider.

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