I'm thankful for a lot of things today, but one little moment that just now occurred makes me especially thankful for my little brothers.

We were sitting on the floor doing a puzzle in front of our patio doors, with the sun shining brightly in on us, when Hunter put his hands on the front of his shirt and figured out that the sun had made his shirt warm.

"Josh, feel this!" he said excitedly.

Josh reached over and felt Hunter's shirt (and for some reason Hunter was puffing his belly out as he did).

Josh exclaimed, "Hunter's fat AND he's hot!"

Mom and I died.  We were laughing so hard I think we both had tears in our eyes.

A few seconds later, Mom managed to say through her laughter, "So is Kirstie Alley!"

And then I couldn't breathe because I was laughing harder.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


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