Kindle Fire

I want one of these soo badly right now...It's probably not going to happen, and that's fine.  But it doesn't keep me from drooling over this little baby.  I have the Kindle 2nd generation (the white one pictured here).  I love it.  It's awesome.  I have probably at least a hundred books on it right now, most of which I haven't read yet due to time constraints, but no matter where I go, I can take all of them with me.  And when I'm ready to start a new one, it's right there.  There's no finishing a book at school, just to look over at my mini plastic-crates-stacked-on-top-of-each-other bookshelf only to see that I've just read my last unread book that I had at school.  Nope.  I can just get on my Kindle and voila!  There's a whole list to choose from.  And if there's a book that I want on Amazon that I can get for my Kindle, it's in my hands in less than five minutes.  Awesome stuff.

Considering all the new Kindles they have come out with in the last four years, mine is ancient (but I still love it).  There's absolutely nothing wrong with it.  But of course, human nature has to go and say "but this one looks so much's got all these other cool features." Pshhh.  Shut up human nature.  I don't need to spend any more money.

But still...the Kindle Fire looks awesome.  And for any of you who haven't experienced a Kindle yet...I'm sure it would be a great one to start with.  :)


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