Snow, Chemistry, and Friends

I think Mother Nature is trying to bury north-central WV in snow right now.  Really.  It's insane what it's been doing for the past four days.

I've been taking pictures off and on the last few days, and here is a little bit of the progression of it:

Thursday evening:

Friday afternoon:

Saturday afternoon:

And instead of venturing out, this is where I stayed holed up most of the day with my suitemates. :) I love my room.  Have I mentioned that?  Oh yes, I believe I have.

I'm actually not too mindful of the snow itself...I mean, this is only the second or third really big snow we've had here this winter, and that's ridiculous for WV.  Don't get me wrong, I like snow in very small doses, and by about halfway through, I'm dying for spring to get here..and then summer...  but I digress.

I didn't know a storm was coming until Thursday night, so that wasn't exactly great planning on my part, but I was planning on seeing Ethan, visiting my grandma, and hopefully finally getting to see Orion, as I haven't since I came back to school from break.  Obviously none of that has happened, because the roads have been horrible.  

So instead, I made the best of a disappointing situation.

This past week was awful, as I spent the entirety of it studying for an organic chemistry test that I had on Friday.  Don't ask.  I know that I can't accurately predict what my test grades in that class are, and I don't even want to try.  I guess we'll see when I get it back.  I literally spent every hour that I was not in class in the evenings over at the student center with Vee, studying our butts off for this test, until like 11:30 or 12:30 almost every night this week.  I think it paid off because I was answering questions without any doubt as to whether I was right, and I finally seem to be understanding the material...but as usual, I went in to take the test and everything seemed so much different from our homework and notes.  Some of it was fine, and other stuff just made me want to throw that test out the dang window.  I just tried to apply what I knew to the best of my ability and let it go at that.  It took me about an hour and a half.  

As a friend from home told me earlier this week, "School has eaten you alive!"  Yeah...she was right.

So, after that, I was ready to die.  Basically.

I spent Friday night talking to Ethan on the phone, watching Bones, cross-stitching, laying around, and just overall relaxing.  It was amazing. There was a dance that night that I didn't go to, but I was fine with it because I was too exhausted to dance anyway.  I was content to have alone time and chill out.

Saturday I was lazy again.  Didn't wake up until noon (which was not part of the plan, but happened anyway), and did the same stuff I did the night before.  This time, I got bored, though.  So I got my suitemates together that evening, and we spent a fun-filled night-in eating pizza, watching movies, and having corny stereotypical pillow fights.  It was awesome. :)

We had one mini-adventure, in which the number we had for our campus restaurant, The Cave, turned out to be an old one that didn't work anymore, so we had to actually go to the restaurant to place our pizza order.  It was freezing outside; snow was still coming down and the wind was blowing like crazy.  So we sprinted to The Cave, slipping and sliding and almost busting our butts the whole way.  Luckily no one actually wiped out, but there were a couple of close calls.  It was a fun time.  And my pepperoni, bacon, green pepper, and banana pepper-covered pizza was worth it. Yum! :)

We carried both of Sara's mattresses into my room and had a sleepover. :)  Even though we technically all live in the same suite anyway.  We ended up watching the first episode of season one of Supernatural, The Expendables, Beetlejuice, and Young Frankenstein.

Fresca showing off her strength after helping carry Sara's second mattress in.  The first one is perpendicular to my bed and the other mattress at the foot of the bed.  My entire floor was out of sight.

Fresca not-so-gracefully hopping over mattresses to get to the door....I think.

Play fight.

I don't know who to say won. lol

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