Grapefruit Oil

I chose grapefruit oil for this week because I use a type of face wash that has grapefruit extract in it (LOVE it), and it made me wonder about its aromatherapy properties - so I pulled out my handy dandy essential oils notebook that contains all of my notes that I have collected thus far about oils.

Well what do you know!

I found out that grapefruit oil helps with mild depression, calms the nerves and anxiety, and helps with performance stress.  This all dealing with horses' reactions, but it stands to reason that it would have close to the same effect on people - if not exactly the same.  Hmm.. Maybe this is why I am drawn to this particular face wash more than others I've tried in the past; I usually deal with a fair amount of stress from school.

It also has antiseptic properties, is a digestive aid and increases appetite, and is an astringent (also good for face washes!).  It is also said to help deal with confusion, jealousy, worry over the past, frustration, and indecisiveness.

I think I'm beginning to see why I like this scent so much...

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