Pre-finals week....GO!

Man, life really is like a roller coaster these days.


One minute I'm stressing like mad to try to pass a test in the hardest class ever thought up, the next I'm relaxing all weekend (or trying to) because I don't really have anything that important to do..yet.  Trying to soak up all the relaxed time I can before finals prep starts hardcore.

Then the next I'm studying like mad again for a lab final in said hardest class ever...oh and did I mention this was after stressing out about failing miserably that test I was freaking out over last week?  Then, all of us ended up with mental and emotional whiplash when the prof decided to take the better of the two test grades (the test was a semi-retest) and count it for both tests (THANK YOU GOD!).  Whiplash, but nonetheless in a good way I suppose.  Definitely can't complain since my other test grade was about 15 percentage points higher than the one I got back today.  O.o    Crazy, crazy day....

Tomorrow I get to have my last stats class of the semester, work, and make a presentation for my last Issues in the Natural Sciences class....and then go take said lab final an hour later.  Oh how I love organic chemistry (or at the moment, not).  :P

Finals start Friday, and I will be at school until May 10th in order to get all possible work study hours that I am allowed to work completed.  *sigh*  Almost there, almost there....  I just keep trying to power through it.  I've been through worse semesters by far, but all this stressing to make sure I pass organic chem is really bringing me down.  I will..not be very all..if I have to take it a 3rd senior year of all times.  I will be happy to pass it with a C, if that's what it takes.  This is the only class I've ever held that low of a standard for myself in, but if it means I don't have to take it again, I'll go with it.  Whatever works!

By the time summer vacation rolls around, my friends and I will all have earned it, by far.  Everyone close to me has a hectic, crazy schedule due to more than just finals themselves right now, and none of us can wait for this semester to just be over.  The only complaint I will have will not be seeing most of them until fall.  But hey, that's why we should all be living up each moment we have right now, eh? :)

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