Hobbies and Crafts

I've decided to keep myself busy while babysitting and in the evenings when I'm home (the boys pretty much keep themselves occupied most of the time) by doing more hobbies and crafts.

Reading is a given.  I've already ready three books, and I'm detouring from my original summer reading list and starting the second A Song of Ice and Fire book, A Clash of Kings.  I'm excited. :)  I now own the first four books in the series - would've been five, but Walmart didn't have the fifth one...boooooo!

I'm also going to start cross-stitching bookmarks again.  Found out that Walmart has the felt that I need for their backing and picked up two sheets of it in brown and purple.  Each was only 32 cents!  Yay cheap materials!  I thought for sure it would be more than that.

I picked up some photo albums and am going to have some pictures printed.  I want to do an album for my first year with Orion and one for my junior year.  I thought about making a scrapbook but decided that a photo album will work just as well.

Any ideas for other crafting adventures I could embark on?  They can be for just me or for my brothers (ages 10 and 6) as well.  Feel free to leave them in a comment. :)

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