Update on Grandma

I've been with my grandpa for five days now. We visit my grandma twice a day, every day. He used to come see her every evening, rain or shine, but since she was admitted to the hospital and now is declining steadily every day, he comes in the afternoon and evening both.

She was still fairly alert on Thursday, but every day when we've arrived, she's been a little bit worse. She's groggier because of the pain killers they've had to start giving her, and she doesn't want to eat anything now. There's one aide that has been her favorite all three years that she's been here at Rosewood, and she's been able to get her to eat more than anyone else. Today for lunch she had more than I've seen her eat for the past two days.

The people here are amazing. Most of them are friendly and patient to us and her. Kim, her favorite, goes above and beyond all expectations to make her comfortable and keep her spirits up, especially now.

She mostly just sleeps now. We can get her to wake up for a few seconds, long enough to let her know we're here. She seems to sleep peacefully the rest of the time.

It's probably only a matter of days now, and I have to go home, so today is probably the last day I will see her.

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