Oh College...

Gah! This week has gone by so fast!  It was so busy and at times stressful, that it seems like time just flew by.

A-B's financial aid office screwed me over big time.  I've been on the work study program all three previous years that I've gone here.  Nothing in my financial situation has changed from those previous years...yet they didn't see fit to put me back on the program this year.  I was told that just because I had been on it before doesn't mean I'm guaranteed to get it now.  I was also told that they're "phasing out" the college work study program and putting more students on the federal work study program.  

Funny thing about that is - I've heard from students that are still on the college work study program that they are now making more than they were in previous years.  So fewer students are on the program, but they're getting more money......am I the only one who finds that a little ridiculous?  It seems to me that if they have enough money to give those students a raise, they could have kept their pay the same and kept as many more positions as that amount used for the raises would have allowed.

So yeah.  I and everyone else in this situation got screwed.  I'm now looking for a job.  I was going to be looking for one anyway, but I had been relying on having my work study paycheck until I found one, so that I would have at least some form of income.  I have one or two options I can fall back on if I can't find anything else, but I was really hoping for something new and something that would give me experience and look good for my job search once I'm out of college.  

I've heard of several T.A. positions that are available.  Some of them are kind of scary sounding - classes that I've taken and did decently in but were so long ago that I'd really have to brush up on the material...  And the problem with those is that they are through the work study program.  Sometimes the profs can manage to get students who aren't already in the program into it, simply because not everyone can do the job that they need them to do, whether it's because they don't have the knowledge or the time.  But sometimes they can't.  My former work study boss tried to talk the financial aid people into putting me back on the program because they really wanted me to work at the library again this year (not everyone shows up when they're supposed to consistently, but I and a few other people always do, and they wanted us back this year).  FA wouldn't do it.  They told him the same thing they told me.

So, I'm trying to figure this stuff out and come up with some other work ideas on or close to campus.  All while balancing the incredible amount of homework (mostly reading..for almost every class) that I already have after only 3 days of classes.   Oh, and I have to start collecting data for my senior project soon.  Gahhhh!! Oh college....

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