Quick Update

And it really will be quick, because I'm so tired, I feel like I'm about to die.  Need. Sleep. Now.

*My birthday was Monday, and it was awesome. More details on that later.

*The week started out seeming to fly by, but then the past few days just have not been my forte. I've basically been skidding through them and just trying to get to the next day alive. (I may be exaggerating just a little bit..but not much.)
*I got a job.  I'm back at my old haunt Jazzman's making lattes and such. I love it and love even more the fact that I finally have at least some sort of income.  Seems like I'll be getting fairly decent hours, so I'm happy. And what's even greater is that it was offered to me on my birthday!
*I'm going home tomorrow (Saturday) for the Forest Festival.
*While I'm there, I will definitely be spending some time with O, whether it's riding or just playing and lavishing attention and generally spoiling the crap out of him.
*Midterms are next week, and I'm going to be scurrying to prepare for them, so you can probably expect not to see too many posts from me next week too. :( Sorry guys. This is one time I hope you don't look forward to them too much. lol  Music Monday and Wordless Wednesday will be scheduled, so they'll still be there. Anything else will depend on how on top of things I am.

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