First Time This Semester..

So I just pulled my first all-nighter of the semester and survived.  It's 10:30pm on Wednesday night as I'm writing this. I'm ready to die, so I'm gonna head to the shower soon and then collapse into a mini coma in my bed.  Seriously. I've been running on 3 hours of sleep and tons of coffee. Very strong coffee. Lots of it. Did I mention how much coffee I drank? Ok, good. Glad you got that.

I had a huge paper to write, and it's been forever since I've had to write a paper, so I was a little rusty. (Remember, I like writing what *I* like to write...assignments don't come as easily.)  It didn't help that pertinent sources from the proper time period weren't exactly jumping out at me. *grumbles*

I spent the night frantically looking for sources and failing, tweeting, continuously kicking myself off of facebook, and drinking Mountain Dew.

Provisions for the night...

I ended up spending the last couple conscious hours I had with an old friend who is visiting campus and just happened to still be up at 2 am and came over to visit me. *shakes head* He went out into the cold and walked across campus. I'm pretty sure if it were me, I wouldn't have left my bed to do that....but I'm glad he did, because he kept me awake, and it was really great to see him, as I never do anymore.

I ended up not getting the paper finished until about an hour ago. -_- And I figured out at 3 am that it was NOT actually due in class today...we had until 11:59 pm tonight to submit it online. -_- Grrrr.  But I'm pretty proud of myself. I went to all my classes, including the first one at 9 am, took a test at 11 am, got dressed up a little more and did a group presentation at 1, and stayed conscious for my physics lecture and lab from 2-4 pm.  Then got dinner, participated in a friend's physiology project, and worked on and finished that dang paper for about 3 hours or so. And that puts me here. Now. At almost 11 pm.

I need sleep.

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