Christmas Break

Hello blog world!

I’ve been absent as of late. What can I say? I’ve been enjoying my break.  Thanks to weather and babysitting (but mainly weather), I haven’t been out to the barn very much at all. L 

My days have consisted of making sure my little brothers are fed and not killing each other (they’re ages 7 and 11), catching up on the TV shows I never have time to watch at school, and reading like crazy.  I’m on my third book since I got out of school almost two weeks ago. I have a whole list to get through. J

Did anyone get any fun/interesting Christmas gifts this Christmas?  I’m most excited about this one:

My mom got me a Nook tablet.  I already have an HP Touchpad that I bought off of her on Thanksgiving break, but this tablet has features that my touchpad doesn’t.  And the touchpad has features that Nook doesn’t.  So between the two, I pretty much have everything a computer has.  I’m happy. J And yes, I realize how spoiled I am. :P

My touchpad will probably be used for school/work things, while my Nook will be more for entertainment (reading, Netflix, etc.).  I love them both!

So tell me, what were your favorite gifts or memories from Christmas this year?

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