Finals Week, Part 1

  • One ecology report down, three to go.
  • Haven't started studying for finals yet.  First one is at 1:00 tomorrow afternoon.
  • I have one every day this week through Thursday. 
  • Plus working two evenings this week when it doesn't interfere with finals times.
  • Working Friday.
  • Then home!
  • All of this = you probably won't hear from me much, aside from scheduled posts for tomorrow and Wednesday.
  • If you're interested enough to keep up with me, check out my twitter: jordan_rochelle - I usually ramble on there enough for it to be semi-interesting.
  • After this week, I'm pretty sure I'll be comatose for a few days at least.  ASAP I'll be experiencing and posting about my visits with Orion and company. :D  I CAN'T WAIT!! Miss and need my boy after this hell....
See y'all after/if I survive this week! :)

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