Equestrian Discussions, Anyone?

Okay, so for the new year, I wanted to think of something fresh to do for a weekly blog post.  All my equestrian friends and followers on here, listen up and tell me what you think of this!

I was thinking last night of doing a weekly horse-related post called "Equestrian Discussions".  Since during school, I can't get out to visit Orion every week, I usually end up not having anything horse-related to post, and that has become a big part of this blog.  It's not all it's about, but it's what I love writing about the most and am most passionate about, by far.

I thought I could start by posting a question at the end of this blog, and next week I'll answer it on Thursday (I already have Music Monday and Wordless Wednesday...and Thursday is my least busy day this upcoming semester).  Anyone interested in participating can answer it Thursday as well, and link it back to my blog as well as post a link to it in the comments so I can see all of your responses!

My questions so far are pretty simple, but anyone interested in participating can also post ideas of their own in the comments sections of the Equestrian Discussions posts.  I'll choose from them in the following weeks.

So what do you think?  Anyone out there up for it?  Comment and let me know if you are! :)

For Thursday, January 10th: "What New Year's Resolutions do you have for yourself and your horse?"

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