Equestrian Discussions: New Year's Resolutions

Finally getting to this!

The first discussion question I asked was what New Year's Resolution(s) you've made for yourself and your horse.

I got some cool responses on this post.  Thanks for participating, guys!  (If you missed out, don't be afraid to still go and share your resolutions there!)

For Orion and I, I'm sure I'll come up with lots more in the next few months, but for now, here they are:

  • I want to get him completely bomb-proof.
  • Secondary to that goal, is to take him in one of the Forest Festival parades in October if he's ready.
  • Work on "emergency dismounts".
  • More solo rides.
  • (For me) be able to run...in an English saddle. (I've never purposely been on a running horse before.)
  • Try to get Orion in better shape (as well as myself!).  He gets winded and acts like he's gonna die from trotting around the paddock for five minutes.
And alas, I'm sure I missed some.  I'll probably address more in future posts.  For myself, as far as horse-related resolutions go, I just want to be a better rider, both for Orion and my own safety.  I also want to get in better shape - so I can feel better about myself and be healthier, and so that Orion doesn't have to haul my big butt around anymore. -_-

For Thursday, January 17th: "What's your favorite thing you've taught your horse to do?"

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