Ohh summer, how I've missed thee!

  • I'm still working at school for Sodexo, doing caterings and running the Cave on some days.

  • I'm more than likely taking a GIS course and possibly ENVS II course in the fall (which I'm pretty sure should fill out the rest of the requirements to get my ENVS major.  Then I'll be a double BIO and ENVS major with a minor in chemistry.  Wooot!

  • After that I'm planning on trying to get a master's in GIS or something along those lines, since I know that I can more than likely find a job with those skills.  

  • Right now though, I'm trying to make money and spend time with family and friends and Zack and my horse.


I tried out a bitless bridle on Orion the other day.  He was a tad uppity at first but soon calmed down and was willing to do whatever I asked of him.  We had a vet out to give some of the horses their vaccinations, and she checked his teeth while she was there.  She said it probably wasn't a dental issue that's causing him to not want his bit and more likely is a behavioral issue.  -_-  I'm going to keep trying to get him to do the bit again, but I've been wanting to try a bitless bridle with him anyway because he does so well riding with just a halter.  He still needs to be able to use a bit, but it's slightly comforting to know I have something to fall back on that he prefers more.

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