So technically it's "wordless Wednesday", but I have a chance to write while I'm waiting on ArcMap software to load on my computer, so here I am!

(Don't worry, you still get a picture of this cutie.  She's finally big enough to jump on top of her house and did it for the first time last night.  What a racket she made, wheeking and singing and hopping all over the place in happiness afterward....right as I was going to bed. -_-  She's too cute to annoy me though.  I just went picture crazy instead.)

So, as of late, I've been trying to get healthy. I get on a healthy kick every once in a while, and it usually tapers off. This time I feel like it's different though.  I truly want to. I'm tired of being exhausted and feeling crappy all the time, and there's just no time for all of that.  I have too much stuff on my plate to deal with feeling like that.

I've been eating healthy stuff and cooking for myself more often.  And don't get me wrong, I'm still eating what I want...if I'm actually hungry.  And if I am hungry and what I wanted isn't something super healthy, I allow myself to have it - just in a small portion.  And then if I'm still hungry, I find myself something else healthier to fill me the rest of the way up.  But the bottom line is, I'm only eating when my stomach actually feels hunger - not when I'm craving whatever and I'm not actually hungry.

It took about a week (I'm halfway through my second week of this), and my cravings have pretty much stopped. I actually look forward to working out, which I've been doing almost every day.  I've started running again (in smallish amounts - I downloaded the C25K (Couch to 5K) app to my phone and have completed the first week + repeated one of the first week runs (4 runs total) so far).  I haven't done any week 2 runs yet because I have absolutely HORRIBLE shin splints that are killing me at the moment.  Instead of running like I wanted to yesterday, I went for a hike instead.  It still hurt, but at the same time it felt good to be moving around and outside and just doing something.  

It's good that I'm living where I am at the moment.  My grandpa has a treadmill I can use if the weather is bad.  There is plenty of open space where I can go to run outside when the weather is decent.  I have access to a full kitchen with every possible cooking tool imaginable (my grandma was an amazing cook and cooked all the time, so she had everything).  I'll eventually be moving back home for a while and will still have the kitchen part, but not a treadmill, so as far as getting started, I'm glad I'm at my grandpa's, at least to establish some good habits.  They'll be easier to keep up once they're drilled into me.

So far, I've lost 3 lbs since last week and a couple of inches from my waist.  I didn't think I'd be seeing progress this soon, so I'm super excited.

I'll keep updating when there's time!  I hope you're all doing well!

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