Still Moving Forward

I've realized...

I'm good.

I have a few good friends I'm still mostly in touch with (though there are others I would like to add to that list who I have fallen out of touch with).  I have a pretty decent for-now job that I like most of the time.  It's not my forever job, but I'm happy there right now.  I have a few long-term goals I'm working on.  And I'm happy.

Do I still wish certain things had turned out differently?  Of course.  And I've accepted that I always will.  I really don't think that will change.  But I've reached this point where I have the knowledge that I can be happy with what I have.  Whatever is meant to be, whatever that may be, will happen, even if it's not on the same time frame I think it should be on.  And if whatever's meant to be isn't what I want it to be right now, there's probably a reason for it.

All I know is, I'm grateful for the things God has put into my life.  All the pain I've gone through in the last few months has only made me stronger and given me more confidence in myself, something I never thought would come out of this situation.

I'm finally happy again, and I'm still moving forward all the time.

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