I'm still here!  Things have been picking up like crazy at work lately, and unfortunately, even though we have more than ever going on in the way of dozens of extra caterings for the end of the school year, we have lost a lot of our staff in the past month.  So, here I am, usually working 40+ hours a week, and while I like the money, it leaves little conscious time to write when I'm actually all here.

Right now, for instance, I'm more or less kinda here....but not completely. lol  I'm a tad tired from a night staying up watching movies and catching up with one of my best friends from home, who I haven't seen in ages, and I'm coping by drenching my system in copious amounts of caffeine...as usual.  But it's totally worth it.  And I might get to go home early tonight, to spend another evening/night/morning catching up with her some more.  It's been awesome, and I'm going to be really sad to see her go home tomorrow.

So for now, I'll leave this here, to let everyone know I'm still alive and that there will be more posts coming soon.  I won't leave you all in the dark so much again anytime soon, I promise!

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