OUAT and Revenge

I tried to publish this last night around 9:50, and AT&T decided to flake out and not let me. However, I still want it to be posted, so here you go!

I'm literally squealing with happiness right now. I just got back from the hospital in time to catch the last half hour of Once Upon A Time! Wedding!! Eeek!!! (Also, I'm behind on this last half of the season since the Wicked Witch came into the picture. I didn't even know Rumple was still alive.)

Annnd now I'm really confused, but I'll refrain from saying why so as to avoid giving anything else away. Suffice it to say, I really need to catch up on this season.

Now I'm off to watch the season finale of Revenge, which I actually am caught up on... I'll probably be yelling at the TV for the next hour!

And yes, I did yell. A lot. I was pretty pissed about who died on Revenge last night. If my mood had leaned slightly more to the PMSingly emotional side, I probably would have cried. As it was, my reaction was not that embarrassing, but I definitely didn't see that coming. I did, however, correctly predict a couple of details from the episode and was happy I was right about those. Go check it out on ABC's site or Hulu! It's worth it!

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