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Hi people!

I finally have time to sit down and type something of some significance on here... My Grandpa had big plans for the day that took him out of town all day, so I decided to hitch a ride to campus with him wayyyy early in the morning... Like, really early.  Really really early.  I had to get up around 6:30a. Which for some of you, I realize, might seem like nothing...but to put it in perspective for you for my life...

I work evening/night shifts at the restaurant/dining hall I work at.  I usually work a 3p-12a shift.  Weekends, thankfully, I get done around 11 rather than 12, thus the reason I prefer working at least 2 of the 3 nights when this is an opportunity.  Last night was one of those nights.  On the downside of that, I was working the front of the restaurant by myself last night.  Usually there are two people handling the front of the house, two cooking, and a supervisor.  I am usually that supervisor at night.  Right now, we're extremely shorthanded, so I've been cashiering/supervising.  With another person.  Last night, I was by myself up front.  We had a line out the door for the last 2 1/2 hours we were open (not because I was being slow, because trust me, I was moving as fast as I possibly could, and I was damn proud of myself), and that worked out semi-okay when we were open.  It was after we closed the doors that it really sucked.  We're expected to have the restaurant cleared out, cleaned, and stocked in an hour.  It's a very doable task when there are 4-5 people working.  Last night we had 3.  I was doing a 2-person job by myself.

Don't take this as complaining or whining, because it's not.  I completely get why my boss structured last night's schedule this way.  She didn't really have much of a choice because we just didn't have the people.  And as the supervisor/manager of the restaurant, I was probably the most qualified cashier to handle it by myself.  I'm simply telling this story to show why getting up early this morning was a bitch.  I didn't get done with work until 11:58.  That was the exact time I clocked out. lol

Because I work this late normally, I can't just shut down and go to bed right when I get home.  I wish I could.  Believe me, I really wish that were an option, but I'm just too wide awake when I get home.  Physically, I'm exhausted, but mentally, it's like I just worked a day job and it's 5p when I get home.  I have to have a couple hours to wind down, so I ended up not getting to bed until around 2a.  Got up at 6:30a and got ready to go, then came to campus to chill out in the PA building lobby (because it's quiet here and it's not in the same building where I work - I spend way too much time in that building as it is, and I'm sick of it).

I planned to start working on my PTCAS application, but when I got on the website, I found out that it won't be open to work on until July 2nd.  Whyyyyyyy?? Ugh.  So, until that date, I guess I'll just have to work on compiling everything I'll need for it and lump it all in there when it's available again, rather than doing it gradually as I complete everything like I had planned.

Blah. PT school problems.

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