Any Suggestions?

Yipes! I've been trying to get some new writing to put up here for you guys, and the evening that I sat down to really write, the proofreading gigs started rolling in on Fiverr. I've been working on them in the evenings and spent all day yesterday and so far today editing and reviewing. I'm almost caught up for right now though (finally!), so I will be writing all kinds of happenings and scheduling them tonight. Yippee!

My big question that I will leave you with for now is this:

What things would you suggest I get for Orion in terms of our impending move? I've been considering looking into supplements, and I read something about adding electrolytes to the water when we get there to encourage him to drink if the water tastes different than his water where he's at now.

As far as equipment, I'm pretty sure I have most of the basics, though I am putting together a shopping list for Tractor Supply Co. soon.

But really, I'm open to any suggestions. Please leave them in the comments!

And as promised in my last post, there will be more info about the new place soon. I'll be posting pictures, but I want to get it cleaned up a little more first.

I look forward to your suggestions!

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