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If you followed along this weekend, you might have noticed that I splurged and bought myself a few new books.  Seriously, books and horse stuff = only things I splurge on these days.  Generally anything else I buy is a must-have or a need for everyday life, but these book and horse shopping are the two types of things I save up for in addition to emergencies and bills.  I could spend all day in a book store and find a hundred new books that I've been wanting if you give me an unlimited budget.  Hell, I can spend all day in a book store just looking around at all the books without buying anything.  Anyone who has ever been to a book store with me knows this.  At least 3/4 of the time I spend there is spent looking around and contemplating which books I want to spend my money on.  I'll pick up a book, look at it, and either put it back or hang onto it if I can't decide, until I have a huge stack of books in my arms that there is no way in hell I can afford to get.  So then the process of elimination starts.  How badly do I want this one?  If I can't say "yes" immediately to it, it goes in a separate pile.  I do this until I get down to what I can afford and physically or mentally write down the other titles so I know to look for them later on my Kindle, where they'll most likely be cheaper, the next time I'm in need of new books.

And let's just make something else clear: I'm never really in need of new books because it's not like in high school and before that, when I read at least three or four books a week....I'm lucky if I read one book in two weeks.  Lucky, as that almost never happens.  I quickly learned in college that as you grow up and real life takes over, there's not as much time to just chill out and veg and read all day.  :(  So inevitably, I end up with a ton of books that I own but haven't read yet.  Then I see books that I want, and I put up a mental fight with myself for a long time about not spending money, until one day when I do have a little extra cash, I buy a new one, adding yet another title to my ever-growing "to be read" list.  

Yeah.  I'm that person.  

For example: I spent about $35 on books at the local bookstore this weekend.  A couple were on sale, and I just couldn't pass them up.  Then, when I was at Walmart later, my friend picked up "Deliver Us From Evil" by Ralph Sarchie and Lisa Collier Cool and pointed out that it was a book before a movie, which I did not know.  Go ahead, laugh at me; I felt pretty clueless when I learned that I had missed that crucial point.  She said it was supposed to be good, and I like scary paranormal stuff.  It wasn't too expensive, so I bought it.  

I'm prepared to have the crap scared out of me while I read this.

Maybe I have a problem....  A book-buying problem....


To tell the truth, it's the first time I've bought books (or really splurged on anything, for that matter) in a couple months, at least.  Unless you count the two I had pre-ordered because they were part of a series I started reading a couple years ago...But those were technically ordered a while back, so I'm not counting them.  

Thankfully, I have more time to read now than I did in college (though I know that if I get into grad school, that extra time will be nonexistent).  Thus, I am slowly but surely making my way through my ginormous reading list (and catching up on my favorite TV shows - but that's a post for later).

How many of you are bookworms like me?  Do you have the same problems?  What kind of books do you like to read and what book(s) would you recommend to me or any other readers of this blog?

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