Sunday Visit

Chelsea and I went out to visit Orion yesterday.  Before heading out, we stopped at Sheetz for lunch, and I picked up a bowl of carrots from their to go section.  The horses were happy with us, to say the least.  Orion was his usual GIVEMEFOODNOW self, but when I promptly took away said food when he got too nippy about taking it from me, he chilled and acted a little more like a gentleman (You can see it done once in the following video, but it was done more before this video was taken. He'd mostly learned his lesson by this point.).  Merrill enjoyed them as well, but no one was more polite and gentle than Vanna, who slowly and gently lipped the carrots out of my hand with great care not to catch any fingers.  The boys, on the other hand, had to be watched carefully, and as soon as the carrots were partway in their mouths, I quickly pulled my hand away.  They wouldn't take them from a flat palm, so I was playing with fire in the way I was feeding them. Well actually, correction: They tried to take them from a flat palm, but for some reason they were failing all over the place, and carrots were all over the ground outside the fence. -_-

I got Orion's medical record from Friday today, and they did officially diagnose him with DSLD. I wasn't sure if it was official just from the visit, though it seemed to be leaning that way. The record solidified that idea though.

This picture isn't great because they're not standing the same way and are on an incline, but you can still see Orion's fetlocks (he's the one with the white) vs. Merrill's.

All we really did out there was treat the horses and love on them, especially Orion. Chels got some good pictures of me with him, but I'll post them after she's done whatever she wants to with them and has posted them on Facebook or sent them to me. For now, I just have these that were taken with my camera phone:

"Oh look, the humans are coming."

Swatting flies for each other. I guess Vanna gets the short end of the stick with this. lol

Chelsea and Orion sharing a moment.

I love how Vanna looks like she's imitating Chelsea. She's not, but the picture made me laugh when I went back through them later.

He went to get a drink and then apparently decided our company wasn't interesting enough anymore.

Pony! This little guy's name is Tommy, and the BO bought him for his niece.  He's adorable and tiny and has the cutest liiiiiittle, tiny, high-pitched whinny. (Oh and for anyone who might not get just how small he is....the full-size horses can only fit their muzzle through that hole. Tommy fits his whole head through it.)

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