Don't worry, there is a very good reason why I haven't posted about last week's move and things that went on immediately before and after it yet.

I currently have a pretty badly broken collarbone.  I had a concussion from Thursday til around probably Saturday afternoon, at which point I finally stopped feeling drunk and decided major painkillers are not for me.

Immediate conclusion: I can be dumb, my horse can be an ass, and when the two happen at the same time, the results are not good.  He's fine; me, obviously not so much. More on this tomorrow.

I didn't write about what happened right away because:

a) I had a concussion and couldn't hold a thought long enough to actually write about it in detail.
b) I was high on painkillers, and while the results of this could have been hilarious, I was with it enough to realize that's not what I wanted this to be about.
c) Until today, I was typing with one hand, and it was royally pissing me off.  Today I tried using my right hand for the first time, and after much fiddling with where to put the laptop, what height to adjust my chair (shut up, I'm short and not supposed to be moving my shoulder, so it was an issue. :P), and exactly how much I could move my hand around without moving my shoulder, I finally found a way that works decently well.

So, there's your reason for the long absence after all of the promised posts started going up.  I have 4 or 5 I've been working on, but none of them are done yet.  My Fiverr queue was blowing up with gigs to be proofread, so I've been playing catch up with that.  There's so much to do, I seriously want to shoot myself, and I've had a couple late deliveries because I couldn't work on them until the last minute.  Thankfully I had the sense to email the buyers when it became clear I wasn't going to have their docs finished in time, and when I explained the reason why, they were very understanding.  So after tonight, I'll have a couple days before the next wave of orders is due, and I'll be able to focus more on posts.

The first couple will be long and detailed, but I promise they're not boring.

So I'm sorry for the wait (Liz! :P), but there will be more to come tomorrow -  even if I have to stay up all night working on it.

Back to editing a 73 page document....... -_-

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