Well hey there!

I'll start this post with saying that life is really good right now.  

I have this awesome new little Lenovo ThinkPad X131e Chromebook (something I found by looking into the suggestions of achieve1dream's husband).  It's a little smaller than I pictured in my head, but it has Chrome OS, something I've been pretty interested in since I use Chrome all of the time.  So far I really like it.  I'm slowly transferring the files from my other laptop over to this one so that when my 6.5 year old HP Probook eventually dies, I don't lose anything.  I'll probably eventually pick up an external hard drive, but for right now, I'm putting that off.

My apartment still feels amazing.  I love living here, and my roommates are awesome.  Living with guys is a lot less drama than living with girls (no offense to any of the girls I've lived with before!).  My mom is a Scentsy rep and gives me stuff all the time, so I have warmers in both living rooms, my old Scentsy warmer in my room, and an old metal warmer from a little place in Beverly in my cat's bathroom. And I have more Scentsy tarts than I know what to do with.  Of course, now that I have all these other warmers and have to combat the nasty smells that often drift up through the floor from our idiot neighbors downstairs, I expect I'll go through this stuff a lot faster than I used to. 

We put up our tree the other night.  Leo has been having a field day tearing down ornaments at night when we're all in our rooms or when none of us are here (that doesn't happen often, as we all have completely different schedules.  There's usually at least one of us here most of the time).  I've decided he's going to be locked in "his" bathroom at night until Christmas is over and the tree is down, because the first night it was up, before it was decorated, he knocked it completely to the ground.  I came out to the living room the next morning, and the tree was laying on its side in the middle of the floor... -_-  Little shit...

Orion is doing well.  I think he's having a slight DSLD flare up right now, but nothing too serious.  He's just a little sore and favoring his front leg a little bit, but the other boarder who mentioned it to me today at work said that there wasn't any inflammation.  I haven't been out since the end of the week a couple weeks ago just because of time constraints, but I'm going to go out in the next couple days to check on him and love the crap out of him.

The barn is actually coming along really nicely.  One of the other boarders has 5 horses there right now, and she and her family have been footing a lot of the bill for getting electricity, water, etc. turned on.  The owner doesn't have a lot of money, so this has been a Godsend.  They've also done a ton of the cleaning that Chelsie and I wanted to do over the summer, up until I broke my collarbone and couldn't do the heavy lifting anymore.  With her whole family out there doing stuff, they actually had the money, means, and manpower to get it all done.  It has turned into a really nice place.  It's like a completely different barn with the lights turned on.  There's still a lot to be done, but they've improved it TONS.  I'll post pictures soon.  I have some, but they're on my phone, not the laptop, and I'm going to just wait and do a photo post, which those will be included in.

Those of you bloggers that I usually read and comment on, I'm playing catch up tonight and probably the next few days.  I haven't had time to really sit down and read blogs lately (well...actually, I could have this week, but I got re-hooked on The Walking Dead and House, and so I've been watching those and Christmas movies on TV while I clean and piddle around the apartment....oops. lol).  But I'm still interested in what you've all been writing about and experiencing lately, so I'm going to continue working my way through blogs tonight and in the days that ensue.

I really can't believe that it's Christmastime.  I really can't believe that this year is almost over!  How the heck did that happen?  It seems like we just started January a couple months ago....this year absolutely flew by.  I have to start writing a year in review post soon... I've been sketchy on those the past couple years, but I'm doing on this year.  Too many big things have happened not to.

So that's that for tonight.  Expect a photo post coming your way soon, and more writing, whether it be important life stuff or animal stories.  Everyone knows I have plenty of animal stories.  lol  Or whatever I feel like writing....


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