Gnats! I hate them!

My apartment has recently become flying insect heaven for some reason. Reason number one being that we've done a lot of cooking the past couple of weeks and don't always have time to clean up right away........which is something I'm trying to fix. But whatever the main reason may actually be, gnats have taken over, and not only are they in our kitchen/living area, they've made it into my bedroom, which is the room just off of the living room...i.e. the easiest one for them to journey into. 

Usually my door is closed to keep Leo and the dogs from wandering in and stealing/breaking things, but a few days ago, it apparently didn't latch... And Leo, being nosy, curious Leo Cat, pushed the door open and went in. The door stayed open for at least a couple hours before I noticed it, ample time for the pests to fly in and decided this was their new haven.

We found that whiskey draws them like crazy. Apple cider vinegar works somewhat well. We left small cups/jars of each out on the counter and caught a lot. A friend showed us the funnel trap you can make with a piece of paper and a jar, so we did that. That trap had a bit of Fireball in the bottom. It worked the best out of the three we had tried. But we still have SO. MANY.

So today, Jen (my roommate Cody's fiance) and I sat down and tried to figure out some more solutions. Cody had bought flying insect killer, but when I read the directions on it and the warnings, I didn't really think it was our best option. We have no way of shutting off some of the rooms the insects are in to the rest of the apartment, and my room, which is the only one which needs de-pested and can actually be closed off, doesn't have a window, so it can't be aired out. Plus, it's not supposed to be accidentally inhaled by humans or animals..............sooooo not exactly something I want sprayed around my pets.

So for now, I just spent about 15 minutes putting together a lot of different style traps to put around the areas of the apartment that seem to be most affected by the gnat infestation. Some use the funnel, some have plastic wrap taped around the top with holes poked in it, and one is a jar with holes poked into the lid. They all consist of either whiskey, beer, or apple cider vinegar. We'll see which works best for the future.

I just want them GONE. They are driving all of us CRAZY.

If you have ANY ideas to share about how to get rid of them, PLEASE share them. If they work, I will love you forever.

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