I swear to God, I have ADD that comes and goes. Right now, I'm bored, so it's here.

I've been ping-ponging back and forth between Text from Dog Tumblr posts, laughing hysterically and sending my mom blog posts from The Bloggess, working on my budget, finishing laundry that I should have finished last night (but I was too busy going through old pictures on Facebook), and cleaning the house, all before I leave to go start moving things into my new house, which I will do as soon as this dang laundry is dry because I need what's in the laundry for work later this evening. *huge breath* See what I mean?

So anyway, yesterday Chelsea and I signed the lease on our new townhouse and got to see it in all of it's almost finished glory (the maintenance man was hand-cutting the floor-length panel blinds to size and had a couple of closet doors to snap into place, but that's all that's left). I love love love it! I did have some doubts and some other prospects, but I think I'm actually going to love this one better than anything else we looked at. Seeing the finished product cemented that in place in my mind.  

So in the next hour or so, I will start moving things in, go to work, and then go back to where I'm currently staying and start all over again tomorrow. My bedroom furniture won't be moved in for another few days, and I want to get some other stuff finished up before I start staying there. But it's going to be awesome! So excited!

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