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Well, here I am.  It's been eight months since Darryl and I bought our house, and I never did update on it!  We have done so many things, and we couldn't have done most of it without help from our family and friends.

Darryl and his best friend successfully put down flooring in our spare bedroom, master bedrooms, and office, and they have some ongoing projects involving the flashing and a project surrounding the stairs, all of which had problems we inherited from the previous owners but will be able to be fixed by us.  In the past few months, we've finally gotten most of our decorations and pictures hung on the walls and placed where they are for the moment, and while it fairly quickly felt like home anyway, it definitely feels like a home more than ever now.

I have already decorated for Christmas!  I couldn't wait!  The first time decorating my own house was super exciting.  I didn't do much, and we still might put some lights up outside, but the tree and some knick knacks we both had are around the living room. We're definitely not talking Griswold lights outside, but I would like to have them on the front and maybe back porches.  I don't know. We shall see what we come up with. This will be the first time I've had my own house to decorate however I want, and Darryl isn't a big Christmas person, so he's already completely handed the reins over to me in that department.

I started an Etsy shop for the things I've been teaching myself how to crochet.  It's called The Crafty Crochet Shoppe (CraftyCrochetShoppe)  It's a learning experience figuring out how to market the stuff and keep up with it, but I'm bumbling through.  I love to crochet and learned how a little over a year ago and have been teaching myself new stuff constantly.  Pinterest and YouTube and other blogs are a great source of help and are how I've taught myself everything I didn't find in pattern books.  The past few months I've been coming up with my own stuff that didn't come from a pattern, and that's been really cool!  The site link is here and I also have a Twitter for it (@CrochetShoppe1), though there's not anything really on the shoppe's Twitter yet as I'm still deciding how I'm going to go about the content of its Twitter feed.  Another place you can see shop updates and browse some of the products offered is the shoppe's Facebook page.

Criss Cross Hat - $10

Boot cuffs - $6

Hexagon Coaster - $2

Mesh Dishcloth - $6.50 

I also am working on restarting my Fiverr business, but it will have a little bit of a different vibe than it did before.  I'm still going to offer proofreading services, but I'm also going to be offering spreadsheets and things to buy for budgeting and anything else I come up with.  I'm a huge budget-er because I'm on a really tight budget, so I have tons of spreadsheets that I've come up with to keep track of everything from my checking account register to payment schedules to an actual budget showing monthly and yearly income vs. expenses.  I'm still putting it together, but all of that and maybe a few other things will be in one workbook available for purchase for $5.  Once purchased, the workbook will be able to be downloaded in either Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel format.  They work the same way and will be pretty much identical - it will just be your preference of which one you want to use.  I'm a total geek when it comes to this stuff - just ask Darryl - so I've been having fun the past couple of nights tweaking it and coming up with other ideas that people might want.  Hey, here's an idea - if you have something you think people might be able to or want to use in that same vein, comment below and suggest it!

My Fiverr also has a Twitter - it's just getting started as well (@JPriceOnFiverr).  I'll be posting content related to what my gigs are about on there - I just tweeted my first Tweet for that account the other night!

More to come, but this is just a start to my updates.  I have quite a bit of content ready to post, so look out! :)

Don't forget to post your Fiverr gig ideas! 

And if you have anything you'd like to see on the Etsy site, let me know that too! I can find patterns or come up with my own for just about anything, or if you simply want a different color of something that's already offered, I can do that too!  (And psst...If you're on this blog, you're the first to know...I'm working on coming up with a ponytail beanie like the ones that seem to be all the craze right will be available very soon!)

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