Happy 2018!

It is officially the second day of 2018.  Hope everyone had a good time ringing in the New Year!

Mine was spend with a few good friends eating good food and just hanging out playing darts and watching trivia game shows before watching the ball drop.  It was a tame but awesome time.  lol

I didn't really do a goals post for 2017, but here are some of the major things I had wanted to work on and my progress with them:

  1. Save money.    Didn't really develop a savings but was able to save enough to be able to afford what I needed to - at a stretch - but still pretty successfully.
  2. Cook more.    I haven't done quite as much as I wanted to, but this was successful too.  I tried and came up with a lot of different things to add to our menu.  Most things were winners.  Some weren't.
  3. Build up an inventory for my Etsy shop so that I can have stuff pre-made and not always have to scramble to make things ordered through the website.    I did get to some of this, but most of what I've sold this Christmas (didn't sell much of anything the rest of the year) was still made to order.  Though it was ordered in advance so I wasn't entirely scrambling to have it done by Christmas, so that was nice.
  4. Pay off my credit card.    I haven't paid it off, but I've done a good job at not relying on it thanks to budgeting better, so I've been able to mostly just pay on it without adding too much to the balance.

I've thought a little about my goals for this year, and so far this is what I've come up with, long term and in no particular order:

  1. Work on my Etsy shop and selling some more stuff through there.
  2. Try to start saving money for the long term (literally have never had enough to have a savings account - might not make this goal this year, but I want to at least try again)
  3. Work with Orion more - includes looking into some new and different things for us to try from the ground.
  4. Keep refining my budget and meal planning.
  5. Make more time for family.
  6. Pay off most, if not all, of my credit card debt.

I'm sure I'll think of more as the year goes on, but these are things already in the works that I want to continue and make more progress on in the new year.

What goals do you have for 2018?