My First Blog

So I'm pretty new to this whole blogging thing...but I guess I should start out with the basics. My

names Jordan, I'm 19 years old (soon to be 20!) and I'm a biology major at Alderson-Broaddus College. The original plan was to be in the Physician Assistant Program for five years and graduate with my Masters' as a P.A., but the school ran into some problems. So for now, I'm stuck in Biology, which doesn't bother me too much; it just adds another year onto my schooling. I have a wonderful family whose love and support I could not do without. I'm currently living at home with my mom, stepdad, and little brothers for the summer. In the fall I'll be moving back to college. It's only about forty minutes away from home, but it's simpler for me to live there. I am also lucky enough to still have my grandparents with me. They lend me their love and guidance, wanted or not, lol.

The rest of my "support group", so to speak, consists of my friends, the two best of which are Annie and

Chelsea, and my amazing boyfriend, Ethan. I've known Annie since we were around 10; I met Chelsea a couple years later. Ethan came along just 3 years ago, and we've been dating for going on two-and-a-half years now.

I don't know what on Earth I would ever do without any of these people in my life. They have shaped me into the person I am today, and I don't think they did a half bad job!

Some of the hobbies that I do almost daily are reading and cross-stitch. To most people it probably seems like my days (at least when I’m not working or at school) are pretty boring. I love the stuff that I do though. I’ve been reading ever since I was little, and I learned cross-stitch when I was about ten. My dad’s wife taught me. I was all about it when I first learned; when I try to learn something new, I’m all about getting it right – and I was determined to get everything just so. lol After a while, the newness of it wore off. I got good at it, but like most little kids I got distracted and moved on to something else. It’s only been in the past couple of years that I’ve gotten back into it. It’s not hard at all, but it’s kind of soothing (at least to me) to be doing something that’s easy (truthfully, it can be kind of mindless at times, but when you’ve been studying for six hours straight, that’s a welcome reprieve). It’s cool to see the picture you’re sewing into the fabric take shape before you. I’ve done about three cross-stitch “projects” this summer so far…I took a break for a few weeks, but now I’m starting to get that urge to start a new one! I think I'll go look into that now....

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