Unpacking and Lazy Afternoon Drives

I finally got to leave the house today! I haven't been anywhere since we got back from the beach on Tuesday. I swear I was starting to feel like a hermit!

My boyfriend, Ethan, moved with his family to Buckhannon on Wednesday. They're officially moved into their new house but still in the process of unpacking things. I had said long before the actual move that I would come over some time and help them unpack, so that's what I did today.

Around 1:00, Ethan and his brother and sister, Andrew and Grace, came to Elkins to pick me up. We drove back to Buckhannon, made a couple of stops, one of which was Subway, and went back to his new house with lunch. After we finished eating, I got a tour of the house from Grace (Ethan had a horrible headache, so he was laying down for a little while - he eventually claimed his painkiller kicked in and joined us about halfway through the tour). I found that even though the house looks tiny from the outside, it actually seems pretty big on the inside. I think it suits their family more than their old house did.

Ethan and I hadn't seen each other for two weeks, so we just chilled out for a little bit and talked about what he wanted to do with his room (at this point, all of the furniture wasn't really organized...it was just kind of there, and all of his stuff was still in boxes.) We went for a drive and talked some more. It's rare we get time alone together, so it was really nice to just have a conversation between only us. We ended up back at Walmart to pick up a desk chair for his room and an X-box game for he and Andrew, then at Lowes to look at something to hang his hammock from in the yard.

After we got back, we finally moved his room to the way he wanted it. That part wasn't hard to do. All of the floors are hardwood, and his bed, which would have been the hardest thing to move otherwise, had wheels, so things moved easily. It was finished in about five minutes. But noooo...the thing that took the longest as far as setting up furniture...that would be the friggin' chair. Something that has only six screws and the rest of the parts just fit right together....that took us about 25 minutes to assemble! We read the instructions, honestly and truly we did! I told him what to do, but then we argued over what was the best way to do it...and ended up both trying to put the same thing together at the same time. Yeeeah, that did not work so well. But eventually we got it put together, and when he sat on it, it didn't fall apart! So the task was a success. lol

Once that was finished, I started unpacking his stuff while he and Andrew played their new Final Fantasy game. Yeah, I know, it seems a little unfair - I'm pretty sure everyone but Ethan and Andrew said something along those lines at some point in time today - but honestly, I like organizing and decorating things. To be completely honest, Ethan isn't organized at all, so I was much better suited to the task. lol I offered, and he just let me go. He knows better than to argue with a deal like that! I ended up getting almost everything that was in his room at the time unpacked before dinner; there was more in the garage but no way was I touching that today. I wish I had taken some pictures of it, but I got so into what I was doing that I completely forgot! lol

I ended up having dinner with the whole family and helped Grace clean the kitchen afterward. While we were doing that, Ethan, Andrew, and their dad (Gary) went outside to try to start a campfire. (That's one of the things Grace was excited about when I got the outside part of the tour - they have a firepit!) We were all excited, but then it turned out the wood was too wet to do anything with. A big thunderstorm passed through the area yesterday afternoon, and the wood just wasn't dry enough for a fire yet. =( Maybe next time...

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