Alderson-Broaddus College - Year Two Begins

As the title suggests, I just started my sophomore year at A-B. It's been pretty awesome so far. I had to drop one class because I was put in it by mistake; now I'm down to only 14 credits instead of 18 for this semester. I'm not too worried at this point though. I can make up for it later, and right now, this gives me time to focus on the groups I'm in and on my job and other homework. It's still a heavy load. I like it this way though.

I can almost never get bored because there is always something to do. Spare time consists of doing homework and catching up TV shows online (because I chose not to bring a TV to college). When that's not going on, it's either classes, work study, work, or lab. Oh, and I forgot to mention, Baptist Campus Ministries meetings, Sigma Alpha Phi meetings (before anyone flips out, it's not a typical sorority/fraternity; it's a leadership group - it will look really good on a resume one day), and Battler Guide tours (giving tours to prospective students - still haven't actually done one because every time someone is supposed to be here, I'm in class).

Speaking of classes, the ones I'm taking this year are: Anatomy & Physiology I, Organic Chemistry I, Communicating Effectively (aka speech), and Religions of the World. I was taking General Physiology, but alas, that was the one that was pretty much a senior level class, that I really should not have been in in the first place. I withdrew from it about a week and a half ago.

I have my own room this year, and it is amazing. I love it. My old roommate came to visit me last night and said that it felt like "an actual room" as opposed to a dorm room. lol She has her own room this year as well, but hers has a bunk bed, so it probably takes the cake for best room.
I love mine though. It's homey and quiet, and I have the comfiest chair ever!

One of the first weekends that everyone was back at school, the outdoor club sponsored a kayaking trip at Bull Run (I couldn't possibly tell you where that is. It was the first time I had ever been there, and this girl is horrible with directions). It was my first time kayaking, and it was so much fun... My suitemates and I were all there, as well as some freshmen girls I had made friends with when BCM was helping them move in. It was surprisingly easy to do. I was actually sore from it the next day, but it was worth it. I had the fast kayak, so I won the races I had with my friends. =) I don't have any pictures of us actually kayaking, just from before and after. I was afraid of dropping my camera in the lake if I took it out with me. I figured that with my luck, that would be exactly what would happen if I did.

Right now, I have to get ready for class. Later! =)

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