It Didn't Pass :(

Well, it's official. The committee voted on the Gay-Straight Alliance today, and they didn't give it it's charter. As a result, a small group of students held a silent protest at the fountain in front of our administration building all day. Channel 12 WBOY covered it on the news tonight:

I'm definitely not a happy camper, and if the issue is brought up again, I will still support it. There are those that think this was a victory, but I honestly do believe that we just proved that there are a lot of misguided opinions of what God wants us to be. I mean no offense to anyone with those beliefs, but I really think that. I am a Christian. I am strong in my faith. I have never been compelled by God to to treat someone of a different sexual orientation differently because of their lifestyle. That's what happened. I know there were consequences that would have been involved because we are a Baptist Affiliated college, but there usually are consequences to a change. We shouldn't have to bow to any organization. To me, the fact that we are a private college and not mandated like public schools are means that we should be able to have more opportunities and more of a say. That didn't happen here. The decision was made, and there's nothing more to do now at this moment. I just wish people were more open-minded.

Maybe the news coverage will garner enough support that we can try to get the group chartered again and be more successful this time. At any rate, this battle will not be forgotten, and the knowledge for the need of it is out there now. The seed has been planted, and hopefully it will grow.


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