Too Much Drama

In a day and age when people are supposed to be more open and accepting, I am disappointed. I see and hear people arguing amongst each other and taking things out of context continuously right now. The group that we are trying to get chartered on this campus does not promote homosexuality. Therefore, there is no need to argue if living that lifestyle is okay, if it is considered a sin, or not. Those who are in need of this group want it so that they can talk out their issues and find support. They want to promote tolerance and acceptance. It doesn't mean you have to change your views on homosexuality if you don't agree with it. And it definitely doesn't mean that your environment on this campus will change, because no one is forcing anyone to be a part of it. You can go about your lives just as you always have before, and it won't be any different.

There's no reason why anyone needs to make such a huge fuss about this. All it is is a support group. It's not promoting the lifestyle. It's not trying to convert anyone to thinking that being LGBT is not a sin if they already think it is. It's simply trying to get people to be more understanding and respectful. That is all.


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