Day 12 - April 13, 2011

A Photograph of the Town You Live In

Technically I'm from Elkins, but I spend most of my time in Philippi since that's where I go to school.  I really consider this to be where I live now.

It's small, but it's a cute little town.  I have a lot of family here.  I grew up here until I was ten.  So it holds a special place in my heart.

It's a pretty little place, and it has a lot of history.

Sometimes I wonder if I'm missing out on things by coming to school here because there's really not a lot to do around here.  I love it, but it's not really a true college town.

I am by no means a party girl.  I don't drink, and I don't really go out and get crazy.  Even if I had that opportunity here, I wouldn't do because that just isn't me.  However, I wonder if I'm missing out by not going somewhere that has more of a variety of things to do in general.  We have little places to eat and Audra State Park nearby to go and chill out and have fun in the river if we feel like it.  That's nice, but not exactly the typical college experience.  I can understand why a lot of people go elsewhere instead.

I love the school and the education it provides.  We are challenged, and that's awesome because it makes us have to stretch our abilities and better ourselves.  And the faculty actually knows everyone's names and cares about how well they do.  You're not just a number here, and I love that.  It's a great education.

All in all, I love the town.  I just hope that I have made the right decision in coming here, and that I wasn't meant to do something else.


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