Day 13 - April 14, 2011

Your Favorite Musician and Why

Def Leppard.

100% sure of it.

They got their start wayyy before my time, but I love them sooo much...  My mom and dad both played them a lot when I was growing up, so that's how I was introduced to their music.

I love the music, but I also love their story.  They have been through a lot since they got their start, but they never gave up.  They kept pushing through and doing what they do because they love it.

1. They're all friends, and they don't fight and bicker constantly the way some other bands from that era did.

2.  They honestly love what they do, and they don't care what other people think of it.

3.  They lost a couple of players due to some complications with fitting into the band's beliefs and goals in the beginning, but they found better people who were better players and a better fit to the band (namely Rick Allen and Phil Collen).

4.  Their drummer (Rick Allen) lost his arm in a car wreck but was so determined to keep playing that he helped to design a drum set that he could play with one arm and used his foot and some pedals to play what his other arm would have - and the band stuck by and supported him throughout instead of dumping him and finding someone else with two arms that could get them back into the studio faster to record and perform.

5. They lost their lead guitarist (Steve Clark) to drugs and alcohol in 1991.  They are all friends, so it hit them really hard. But they kept on going, and every year they put up something about him on their website on either the date of his death and/or his birthday in memory of him.

6.  They released their first album in 1980 (ten years before I was born) and are still going strong and producing music today.  Their new music isn't as popular as their old stuff, but they keep doing it because they love it.

So yeah.  Those are a few reasons why I love this band.  I think they're pretty inspiring.  Their new song kind of embodies that. :)

(I've had it on repeat ever since I heard it for the first time yesterday.)


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