Day 19 - April 20, 2011

Another Picture of Yourself

I took this just now.  Just for this.

Soo...for the last month, I have been having kind of a hard time.. Apparently I'm allergic to something in my makeup or my face wash...something...but no one can figure out what - including me.  My eyes have been getting all swollen and red and itchy and sore.  And Saturday morning I woke up with my face completely covered in a rash.  Yeah.  Fun stuff.  

I've been to three different doctors for this, and if it doesn't go away, I'm going to end up having to go to a dermatologist.  Blah.  The first doc told me I had pink eye (Really? Really???? Don't even get me started on what my opinion of this guy is - he didn't even look at my eyes when he examined me. Idiot.).  Second doc got it right with allergies - we thought it was seasonal allergies.  It could be, but only my face is affected.  He put me on steroids for it and it went away but as soon as the prescription was finished it began to come back - it took a week before I woke up on Saturday morning with the aforementioned symptoms.  Third doc told me not to use any of my makeup for a while, no soap, facial cleanser - nothing. Just warm water.  So so fun....  I'm on another steroid, which brought down the swelling and some of the redness and itchiness.   Still kind of sore and dry though.  I had to change allergy medicines, so we'll see if this one works better.  

I just want it to go away.  Even more than the fact that it looks horrible, it makes it really hard to concentrate to study, and I start finals next week.  :(

Pray for me?


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