Day 23 - April 28, 2011

15 Facts About You

1. My middle name is Rochelle.
2. I have blue eyes and dark red hair.
3.  I play the flute, and I love it. (And yes, I was a marching band geek in high school.)
4.  Thanks to my complexion, it is nearly impossible for me to tan.
5.  I love movie series' (favorites include Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, High School Musical [yes I know, it's...huh..haha...kinda dumb at times..but the 3rd one redeemed it after the 2nd one I think], Fast and Furious, Final Destination, Pirates of the Caribbean)
6.  I'm studying to be a PA or a doctor.
7. I'm basically OCD.
8. I have the best friends in the world.
9.  If you mess with my family or friends, you'd better look out.  I'm very protective of them.
10.  I'm usually pretty laid back and easy to get along with until you cross me too many times.
11.  I hate fake people.
12.  Sometimes I think I'm too trusting of people.  I've recently let some people into my life who I'm realizing shouldn't be there because they're fake and two-faced.
13. I'm a neat freak.  Everything has to be in it's place or I just can't focus.
14.  When I sleep, I burrow myself in my covers, no matter how hot it may be in my room.
15.  I love music with a passion, and my taste is really eclectic.  I'll listen to almost anything.


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