Horses and Books, My Two Favorite Past-Times

Today was a very good day. :)

To start the day, we finally got my phone working again.  It's a touch-screen, and yesterday the screen decided to randomly go berserk and not come on.  The lights to the buttons would light up, but the screen stayed black the whole time.  It was like that for most of the day, but this morning we managed to get the battery out (that sucker seemed to be hanging onto the phone for dear life) and back in.  I had to recharge it after that because it was completely dead for some reason, but the happy conclusion was that it finally started working after that.

Right after the phone started working, I got like seven text messages all at once.  A couple of them were from my friend Chelsea, asking if I wanted to go out and work with her horse with her today.  Obviously the answer was yes. :)  

I have not left my house since I don't even know when...I think it might have actually been to go to Walmart last week...  Anyhow, it's been a while.  I was seriously starting to get cabin fever.  I was extremely bored and couldn't find anything to cure it.  I was getting snappy with my whole family and anyone who happened to call (namely, Ethan).  I was annoyed with absolutely everything.  So, when Chels gave me an option to leave, I jumped at it.  I needed out, and I hadn't seen the horses for about a week.  She needed help working with Kit, and they always put me in a good mood.  So, it was a win-win situation all around.

We were out there for a few hours between trying to catch the horses for a few girls who were going on a ride and working with Kit.  Kit did pretty well.  Chels's main goal was to get her used to the mounting block today.  She led her past it a few times with no problem, so the next time, I stood on it as she led her past.  Again, no problem, so I tried getting on her.  No saddle or anything, just bareback.  At that point it started to rain harder.  It had been drizzling before, and Kit hates rain.  I hopped on, and Chels led her out away from the block.  Honestly, it was a little scary for a second.  Like I said, Kit hates rain, so she wasn't happy and kept prancing and sidestepping.  It really wasn't too bad, but I haven't seriously ridden in years, so I just had to hang on and sit tight.  We walked her across the paddock as it started to rain even harder, but once we got to the barn, I jumped off.  We put her back into the pasture, and she instantly went into the barn.  Prissy little thing didn't want to get wet. lol

Part of why I love going out with the horses is because I've discovered that I'm always in a more creative mood by the time I get home. I'm always more relaxed and happy, and that makes for some pretty productive writing sessions.  It's awesome for me right now because I've been writing like crazy with this project I'm working on  I've pretty much decided that I am going to publish my book.  It requires a lot of work and rewriting first though.  I'm currently doing that, trying to flesh it out a little more and make it flow better.  I love it so far.  I'm almost halfway through, but there's still some points that I want to go back and fix.  I just haven't figured out what to add to them yet.  It's coming along though, and I'm hoping that by halfway through summer I will have all of the revising done and can send it to someone to edit.  I don't trust myself to do it.

So far, that's all that's happened, in a nut shell.  I haven't found a job yet, but I've applied to a few places and am looking into a few more.  We'll see how that goes. *rolls eyes*  Learner's permit is still in the works too.  I was going to go and get it last week but realized that most of the paperwork I needed for it is at my uncle's house with my school stuff. *sigh*  I'm hoping to get it maybe this weekend or early the week after.  Once I have it, I'm taking that dang test as soon as possible!  I want my freakin' license already! I'm almost 21! Grrrrrr.

Until next time! :)

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