Here's to the Future

I went out to see Orion last night!! And my oh my, that horse is gorgeous.  He was in much better shape than I had been led to believe for the past week or so.  Filled out a lot and no limping at all.  He was a little stiff when he would first start moving, but hey, he's recovering from an injury, so that's to be expected.  The vet that has been working with him is good - I've heard tons of great things about her in the past from other people, so I'm happy with keeping her as his vet once I buy him. 

And yes.  I am 100% sure on my decision now.  I emailed Liz this evening, and we had a big talk about a million different things Orion- and non-Orion-related.  I want to go out and see him more before we move him to Linda's (if Linda is indeed okay with me keeping him there - she seemed to be yesterday when I talked to her about it), but this weekend is filled up with family reunions and the next week is filled all the way through Saturday with work. 

Monday and Wednesday are morning shifts, and every other day next week, I work doubles.  Yayyyy me. Haha. Money, money, money - that's what I keep telling myself this is for.  I'm going to work my butt into the ground before I go back to school because once I'm back, I'll only be able to work on weekends.

I think working has helped me kind of get back on track.  I just do not do well when all I have to do is lay around the house.  That's fine for a day or two or three, but after that, I just start losing my mind with boredom and monotony.  This job has actually given me a little bit of structure, which I thrive on.

 I just need to be doing something.  I go out to see the horses with Chels, and I feel great.  The fresh air and learning about something I love is awesome - but then I look back and wish I had a horse of my own to learn these things with.  It's great helping with Kit, but it's just not the same.

I want to practice join-up, aromatherapy, and lungeing on my own.  I want to spend a day out in the sunshine with my horse.  I want to chill out in the field with a notebook and pen or a book and just enjoy the company of my horse hanging out and doing his own thing nearby.  The blue sky and fluffy clouds and the fresh breeze and swaying trees are totally calming, but I've never had that experience for myself, one-on-one.

Being out there seems to unblock my mind and helps me to write so much more vivid material than if I were just sitting at home all day trying to find the inspiration on my own.  Nature provides it with no effort at all. 

So many things seem to be going right lately!  It makes me excited for the future. :)


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