Rants, Writing, and College

I'm finally going out to see Orion today! Hopefully a for-sure decision will be made this evening.  I'm trying to stay upbeat and enthusiastic about it even though I'm encountering negativity from all sides concerning buying him.  Nobody seems to trust that I'm actually an adult,  who can actually think out a plan and make a big decision on her own now.  Honestly, sometimes I feel like a lot of my family still thinks I'm in high school.  I take care of myself and make all my own decisions at college, but the minute the school year is over and I go back home, it's like a time warp and I'm suddenly transported back six years to being treated like a freshmen high schooler.   I know that seems like a bad comparison, but it ends up translating to everything in my life, not just the little things.  I realize this is a big decision and there will be a lot of work involved, but I have taken everything that everyone says into consideration this whole time,  and nobody seems to believe that.

Ugh. Okay. Rant over.


I've been getting a lot of it done since I've been staying with my Grandad.  Not as much to distract me as there was at home, I guess.  A lot of time since I've been here, I've forced myself to write even if I don't feel like it because I'd like to have the book almost done by the time I get back to school, which is the 23rd (even if that goal is quite a long shot).  I know from experience that I'll not have any decent amount of time to write what I want to write because I'll be busting my butt to get all my assignments, readings, studies, you name it finished.  And this year I'll have even greater incentive to do that.  I want to have everything out of the way so I don't have to worry about what I still need to do when I go out to see Orion on the weekends (if I get him).


So far, I'm pretty much prepared.  I rented all my books a couple of weeks ago, and they arrived at my house last week.  I don't have to buy too much for my dorm because I'm taking most of what I already had back with me.  The one splurge I allowed myself was a new desk lamp because my old one kind of sucked (and I wasn't actually the one to buy it, so I don't know if I can actually call it a splurge for myself..hmmm...thank you Mommy!).  I found a bed and a bag set that has never been used before when I was cleaning out my grandma's room last summer, and I'm thinking about using it this year instead of my old comforter.  It's getting a bit ratty.  The new stuff will match my room's theme for the most part.  It's a pink plaid type thing, and my room has bright colors (I wanted something different from my laid-back relaxed room at home - I kind of want something more similar to my room at home now, but I don't want to spend the money to get all new stuff, so oh well.)

I'm kind of excited about my classes this year.  I decided to only take two sciences instead of three because last year I was completely overloaded with three, and it definitely showed in my grades. *sigh*  So, I'm not doing that anymore.  I'm taking Genetics and Cell Biology for the sciences.  Trig, a research methods class (it's required for my major), Woodwind Ensemble again, and an Advanced Honors course.  I'm excited about the honors course because from what books I had to get for it, it's looking like it's going to have to do with writing and/or literature. Yay!  It also helps my outlook that I saved more than I actually paid for the books.  Freakin' heck yeah!

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