Helloooooo! :)

Things are good right now!  Finally, I have something to do with my summer so that I am not sitting at home all day doing basically nothing.  I've been working at Smokey Ray's for about a week and half now, and I really really  like it.  All of that tip money is going to be incredibly important if I get this horse that I've been looking at buying. 

Yep, you heard/read that right - I am thinking about buying a horse!  I've wanted to for years, and it's not just some phase like some of my family seems to think.  Horses have been a passion of mine for more than ten years.  I know a lot from reading pretty much any kind of training and behavior books I can get my hands on, and I've helped my best friend with her horse a good deal.  I'm short on experience, but I have friends to help me with that and am more than willing to learn. 

One of the things I want to do most is to use these natural horsemanship techniques for training.  I've read a lot about aromatherapy and herbal remedies - stuff like that - and actually bought a couple more books about them the other day.  If I get the horse, then those will help guide me with some of the things I want to do, and if I don't...well, then I'll still get to learn more about something that I'm very interested in.

What I want isn't just a horse to ride.  I mean, that's exciting, but what I am more  excited about is being able to work with the horse and form that bond that I've only read about and seen Chelsea develop with Kit.  To me, that's the best thing about having your own horse. 

I've never had the money or a place to keep a horse before, and I have both right now.  So if I am going to get him, then right now is the perfect time.

I just have to work on actually getting  him first and not get too ahead of myself here. lol

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