Orion, Bonkers, and Bingo

It's looking more and more like Wednesday will be the day that we move Orion!  Just a few more details to check out and get in order, and everything will be ready!

My reunions went pretty well.  It was nice seeing everyone. :)  I won four prizes at the Price reunion and two at the Bartlett reunion.  Yay, me! lol  Bonkers, Bingo, and a cake walk turned out to be pretty entertaining and much more rewarding than usual for some reason. Haha. :)  I'm normally the person who doesn't win anything.

Back to Orion - I'm still trying to contact Linda to make sure Wednesday is okay to move him out there.  Hopefully I will eventually catch her tonight so that we're not down to the wire in getting the details of this ironed out.  Blah. 

I'm so excited though!  Liz is going to show me how to mix his feed and wrap his legs properly.  She thinks he may be rideable by mid-October.  We'll see.  Whether he is or not, I won't be rushing him.  Like I keep saying, I'm more concerned with groundwork right now.  I love it.  Doing everything with my own horse is going to be amazing!

So far the plan is for Chelsea to pick me up after work on Wednesday, and we're going to go back to Elkins and swing by Tractor Supply to get some fly spray and Swat and anything else that we say that I may need.  I think I have the basics covered, but I still want to look around for a little bit.  I'm excited for shopping horse stuff!  After that, I'm going to look for a container (a Rubbermaid tub or something) at Walmart to keep my stuff sealed up in.  It's not fancy like a tack trunk, but it'll get the job done and not cost me an arm and a leg.  We'll be meeting Liz when she gets off work around 5:30 or so, head out to where she keeps Orion, and (if all works out with Linda) trailer him to Linda's.  Then Liz is going to show me the feed and wraps and all that, and I'll eventually get to spend some one-on-one time with him for a while.  Chels is going to go to Caleb's show, so I'll get to work with him all on my own until they're done.  Then I'm staying at Chelsea's for the night and heading back to Philippi and work on Thursday morning. 

Gahhhh! I can't wait!! :D

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